4 June 2013

Caiprinha Cheesecake

With the temperatures being well below par this last month, I am craving not only warmth and sunshine but also some sunny, summery food on my plate.

Like most people, Google is my friend when it comes to finding delicious stuff and as usual, it didn't let me down, as I stumbled upon this ridiculously easy, oh so tasty Caipirinha Cheesecake.

Let's all board the foodie plane, destination Brazil for a fresh dessert in Samba style.

Before giving you the ingredients and the how-to for this dessert, I have to share the youtube video that introduced this fantastic combo to me.   

Le Monde à Croquer is a recurring feature on the Marmiton channel, a spin off of the recipe website bearing the same name.  Its stop motion filming is a refreshing approach to recipes on the net and although it is in French, I do encourage you to have a look:o)

Ingredients (4 servings - 200 ml glasses)

Base :
* 100g coconut cookies (I used LU's Rachel cookies)
* 50g brazil nuts
* 20g melted butter

Caipirinha Curd :
* 1 avocado
* 50g cane sugar
* 30ml cachaça (or alternatively rum)
* 1 lime (zest and juice)

Cheese topping :
* 240g cream cheese (I used regular Philadelphia light)
* 80ml sweetened condensed milk
* 80ml ice-cold whipping cream
* the juice of 1 lime

Directions :

Grind the cookies to powder. You can use a food processor but I used my regular mortar, which worked fine.  The recipe called for crushed brazil nuts but these nuts (which are actually seeds), are rather soft and friable so instead of using a knife, I grated it on my garlic rasp plate (which actually looks very similar to this one).  Mix both the cookies and nuts together and incorporate the melted butter.  Divide the cookie mixture over the glasses and pack well.

In a mixing bowl, blend the sugar, lime juice and zest, the cachaça and the pureed avocado.  The resulting curd should be smooth without any lumps.  Divide this mixture over the cookies (one big spponful per glass) and place in the fridge while preparing the cheese topping.

In a bowl, whisk together the cream cheese, lime juice and condensed milk. Add the whipping cream, while continously whisking the mixture until it has thickened substantially.

Divide over the glasses and leave in the fridge preferably overnight, or otherwise at least for 2 hours.

Once served, close your eyes and pretend you are in sunny Brazil :o)


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