1 March 2015

Food We Love - February 2015 - Indian Food Festival

Although I cancelled all non-food related boxes in 2014, I am still a faithful subscriber to the wonderful boxes of Food We Love. This month's box featured one of my favourite themes : Indian Food. :o)

I absolutely love curries and the whole range of herbs and spices which give Indian cuisine their mouthwatering smell.  The downpoint though is the spiciness.  I have learned through trial and error not to stray from the mild options in the restaurant menus and to be very weary of any dish the waiter describes as being even slightly hot. :o) Luckily when you make Indian food at home, you can adjust everything to your own liking and the contents of this box will help in that regard. Find out all about it after the jump.

Hello Fresh - Week 9 recap

2014  has been hectic with lots of ups and down and blogging and all things related have been put on the backburner.  Not that I haven't been cooking, obviously, but I haven't taken things further than the occasional Instagram picture accompanied by a quick and short caption.

One of my resolutions for 2015 was to participate in food challenges again on the Daring Kitchen and other blogs but I haven't found any yet that really caught my eye.

In order to get back into the blogging mode however, I wanted to tell you all about a new food service I discovered two weeks ago : HelloFresh